SCB – Shell Control Box – Managing

Fine tuned access control to the SCB configuration and audit trails

The roles of each SCB administrator can be clearly defined using a set of privileges:

  • manage SCB as a host;
  • manage the connections to the servers;
  • view the audit trails of certain connections
  • access reports
  • perform 4-eyes authorization
  • and so on

Web based search interface

SCB is configured from a clean, intuitive web interface. Access to the SCB web interface can be restricted to a physically separate network dedicated to the management traffic. This management interface is also used for backups, logging to remote servers, and other administrative traffic. Users accessing the web interface can be authenticated to an LDAP or a RADIUS database. All configuration changes are automatically logged; SCB can also require the administrators to add comments when they modify the configuration of SCB. SCB creates reports from the configuration changes, and the details and descriptions of the modifications are searchable and can be browsed from the web interface, simplifying the auditing of SCB.

web based search interface of SCB


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