SCB Shell Control Box features and benefits

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Authentication and authorization

Shell Control Box provides two-factor authentication and other ways to improve your control and accountability over users accessing your servers.

Access Control

SCB is a proxy gateway: the transferred connections and traffic are inspected on the application level (Layer 7 in the OSI model), giving control over protocol features like the authentication and encryption methods or the permitted channels.

audit trail features

Audit & Forensics

SCB operates transparently and extracts information into audit trails directly from the communication of the client and the server, providing reliable, easy-to-access data and content.


To make integration into your network infrastructure smooth, SCB is available both as hardware and virtual appliance, and supports several different operation modes.

Managing SCB

SCB is configured from a clean, intuitive web interface. The roles of each SCB administrator can be clearly defined using a set of privileges.

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