Encrypted Channel Monitoring – Crypto Auditor

Crypto Auditor is a centrally managed inline appliance or virtual appliance which has the ability to monitor, audit and control encrypted SSH, SFTP and RDP sessions without having to deploy agents or change end user experience.

The centralized management architecture enables the collection, indexing and auditing of privileged user sessions from a single point enterprise-wide. Indexing includes also the content of the encrypted connections, enabling content based searches and real time alerting to provide proactive security measures.

Seeing uptime with the highest priority, CryptoAuditor provides 4 different levels of fault tolerance and high availability ranging from active/passive setups to active/active.


CryptoAuditor enables you to:

Maintain compliance with regulations, industry standards, and policy mandates such as SOX and PCI DSS, and maintain the level of security in your environment
  • Secure privileged user access without losing visibility into the transmitted data and operations
  • Enforce mandatory encryption and authentication settings
  • Limit services accessible via encrypted channels
  • Enforce server identity verification
  • Prevent protocol-level attacks
  • Ensure compliance standards are met
Ensure accountability of remote access and data transfers
  • Store audit trails in encrypted, searchable and tamper-proof archives
  • Enforce maker/checker policies
Easy and cost-effective security, auditing and governance
  • Easy to use web interface and audit trail playback capabilities enable fast-to-deploy governance
  • Remote administrators can continue to work without having to change the use of existing tools or processes
Troubleshoot error situations effectively, lowering costs and impact on business operations.
  • Record, audit, log, and play back full administrator and remote sessions in real-time, enabling easy troubleshooting.
  • Push real-time alerts to SIEM
Deploy transparently and independently from the Client/Server environment, while minimizing the impact on network architecture.
  • Centralized Hound and Vault architecture enables quick deployment without having to change existing network topology.
  • Transparent experience to end users
Guarantee the highest levels of availability and fault tolerance
  • 4 primary levels of fault tolerance and high availability include active/passive and active/active settings
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